Production Process

Production Process Production Process Production Process

Custom made

All COVIS production is custom made. Products and components from small to big dimensions, in limited or high quantities are custom made as per customer's drawings and specifications

The long experience in the mechanical field as well as the variety of different industry branches supplied, allows COVIS also to be competent in technical advise suggesting functional improvements.

Product Development Process

COVIS prides itself in its ability to handle and control all facets of the production process. It does so through a system of reviews its brands as Complete Quality Management.
QC (Quality Control) begins at the raw material level and does not end until the delivery of the finished product to the customer.

Production Process
  • QC starts with an accurate analysis of the work order's technical and quality requirements and involves a detailed outline of the machining, testing and materials required.
  • Steels and special alloys employed are primarily of European origin with a preference for Italian produced steel to best ensure quality and traceability.
  • Production generally starts with raw material forging, or with suitable manufactured piece that’s cut from bar or plate.
  • The piece(s) then undergoes specific heat treatment, followed by NDE, mechanical testing and CNC machining, then assembling. Final CQ is conducted at the end of the workflow process and includes:
    - dimensional controls to check for tolerances;
    - hardness testing;
    - NDE testing (US/DPI/MPI/vISUAL).
  • If client requested, additional special processes, like overlay, painting and plating, are conducted offsite by COVIS-selected qualified sub-suppliers.
  • Qualified personnel, certified by both European and North American standards and regulations, perform all welding and overlay tasks.
  • COVIS tracks all nonconforming and/or deviant pieces identified during the QC process, and provides the customer with a report detailing its findings and the suspect pieces in question.
  • Throughout the entire production cycle, COVIS directly conducts all inspections – both internally and those involving client or third-party inspectors – guaranteeing that the products and/or materials used meet specific job order requirements.
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