Synergies for a winning service

COVIS with its highly qualified technical and commercial departments has two manufacturing plants, i.e. Atlo Martesa and Fimani, specialized respectively in the machining of medium-small and large big components. A net of qualified sub-suppliers completes the group.

The well-organized structure of COVIS affords its unlimited capacity in its ability to handle and control, with full autonomy the entire production cycle, all to the customer's advantage. Customer can:

  • rely on a flexible and versatile structure, able to satisfy the requirements of the order;
  • count on a complete and efficient organization;
  • access updated or internally not available specific abilities, thus reducing and controlling operational costs and favouring competitiveness.
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Company Organisation

COVIS has at its disposal a highly trained, professional staff of over 70 employees at its two manufacturing facilities, along with competent and capable on-site teams at its various sub-suppliers locations.

The production facilities within COVIS reflect the highly specialized nature of individualized activities within each sector, all led by qualified personnel equipped with state-of-the-art technology.
Expert operators, coupled with advanced computerized management system, coordinate all facets of the structure and guarantee that COVIS has speed and ease of operation throughout the entire organization. Along with its state-of-the-art technology, COVIS’ workforce of highly specialized and qualified personnel plays a key role in the quality control of each and every step during the manufacturing process. The frontline documentation of the accuracy at each stage of work is COVIS’ guarantee of final product excellence. To maintain this highly professional and competitive workforce, COVIS regularly organizes and schedules mandatory on-site training courses so that it's employees remain up to date in their respective specialty. COVIS views these training tools as instruments of growth, both for the company and the individual employee.

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